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Slingshot Shadow

Slingshot Shadow


This is the improved original Slingshot saddle buit with limited edition shadow fabric and high visibilty attachment points.  Built for those that love comfort, lightweight, minimalistic and fully functional all in one saddle.  It just works and works well.

Professionally sewn saddle that is of superior construction in comparison to others.

Materials for construction include;

  • 6000 lbs rated webbing
  • 4000 lbs rated climbing tubular webbing for linesman loops/adjustable bridge/reinforced bridge loops/molle attachment loops
  • TriAd Adjustable Bridge comes standard
  • Cobra Pro Style belt/buckle
  • Cordura Fabric Seat
  • High Visibility Reinforced Positioning (Lineman's) Rope Attachment Loops
  • High Visibility Leg straps attachment points
  • Leg loops of 1000 lb rated webbing with G-hooks for quick attachment. 


Options include adding tether/positioning rope packages, saddle bags and backband.  Bundle for discounted pricing.  Each rope package comes with 8' of rope with large sewn eye, sewn prussik attachment and carabiner.  Addition of a rope package includes free prussik tender for hands free operation of positioning rope.

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