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Behind the Scenes

At H2 Saddles, we’re driven by our dedication to offer a superior product that is delivered quickly right to your door. We smile with pride every time someone receives one of our products satisfied. It means we’ve done our job right. 

Ever since we’ve started our business, we strive to meet several goals: ensuring a high quality saddle, a price that fits in a budget that the average hunter can afford and is delivered when you need it.

The idea of a company was created by an avid hunter who harvested his first deer in 1982 and has a degree from the University of Michigan for structural engineering. All that was lacking was the skills and equipment to assemble the idea. This is when a partnership was developed with a extremely talented professional seamstress. With over 28 years of sewing experience, she has truly brought the vision to completion.

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Interested in learning about saddle hunting? Watch our demonstration video.


There's So Much in Store

You've just found the source for the highest quality hunting saddles at a price you can afford. At H2 Saddles, we’re all about old school service and quality.

All saddles are proudly made in the USA.

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The TriAd bridge has a been the evolution of many hours of development, testing and use. The bridge allows for easy adjustment of length as well as the adjustment of the angle that the saddle will assume while in use. These adjustments will get you to the optimal comfort from your saddle.


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